Offshore Instrument Shelters

View the range of tough shelters for use in harsh marine environments

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Instrument Shelters for use on land

Our standard range off Shelters is complemented by our ability to manufacture and to customise in any given size

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Unaspirated Radiation Shields

For accuracy, toughness and the very best protection


About MetSpec

World leader in high performance radiation shields and plastic instrument shelters

From our factory in Nottingham, England, MetSpec manufacture and hand build a unique range of instrument shelters and radiation shields. Established in 1998, we have a strong and growing reputation for supplying very high quality and innovative products. All MetSpec products are manufactured to marine specifications and are becoming an industry standard. We are highly flexible in our approach, and customise our products to maximise the benefits to our customers.


Our range of instrument shelters is the answer for the replacement of wooden screens in synoptic and climatological networks, and for many other applications. Offering relatively low cost and low maintenance, and ending the nightmare of continual painting and repair. We offer full design and customisation of the interior layout, for the installation of thermometers, sensors, thermographs and loggers. A variety of instrument shelter support stands are available, for mounting into the ground, onto concrete, or onto existing frames.

Our radiation shields have been fully tested and give much better overall performance with less errors. Available with vertical, horizontal and top down mounting options, and to accommodate the smallest and largest sensors.

Our customers

Our customer base is growing and MetSpec products are in use all around the world. Much of our recent growth in sales has been due to recommendations from existing customers. Ask for references and customer experiences.


Meeting your needs

You can choose from our standard range, or we will work with you to ensure the best possible solution. Tell us what you need to house, where and how. By working together, you can be sure of getting the very best solution.

Tough and weather resistant

Our products are manufactured from ultra tough acrylic, polycarbonate and aluminium. By utilising the very best anti corrosion and UV technology, our products can withstand the most severe weathering and temperature extremes.

 Test reports

Ask us for detailed reports and independent investigations into the performance of our products.