Instrument Screens For Offshore Applications

MET 14 Mini Screen 

The MetSpec Mini Screen is designed to house ordinary thermometers and other small instruments for measuring dry and wet bulb temperatures. The Screen gives good protection from the heating effects of solar radiation and direct exposure to rain and snow.


Key Features

  • Fixes simply to a pole or ship's structure
  • Excellent protection against solar radiation
  • Improved protection against wind-blown precipitation
  • Secure installation of instruments with a stable mounting plate
  • Durable UV stable plastic


  • VOS Networks
  • Small data loggers
  • Education

Unique Features

The Metspec Mini Screen, like all our other screens, requires no maintenance apart from routine cleaning. It features a strong UPVC roof, with air spaces at the base to permit ventilation.
It has one door that hinges downwards and can be padlocked for security. The shelter is large enough to house a max/min thermometer or hygrometer, together with another single stem thermometer.

A rigid thermometer support rail is fitted inside, to which the instruments can be attached.

MET 11 Marine Screen

Our larger MET 11 Shipboard Screen is designed to house ordinary thermometers for measuring dry and wet bulb temperatures, and small electrical resistance thermometers, if required. The Screen gives good protection from the heating effects of solar radiation and direct exposure to rain and snow.

MET 02 Offshore Instrument Shelter

Designed specifically for weather monitoring on oil rigs and drilling platforms.


Key Features

  • Industry standard housing
  • Improved protection against extreme winds
  • Secure sensor installation with stable mounting
  • Chemical resistant UV stable plastic
  • For use with intrinsically safe equipment
  • Location for an external static pressure head if required