Amanda Smith

Frank Clabby
Instruments Division
Met Eireann Glasnevin Hill Dublin

             Met Eireann has been installing Metspec Stevenson Screens in its rollout of AWS programme. The screens are cost-effective in that they are easy to maintain & the life cycle has been extended compared to Stevenson screens used heretofore.

Tom Mith

Andrew Stead
Managing Director, Muir Matheson

 Muir Matheson has been buying products from Metspec for the last 12 years. The combination of value for money and product performance gives our customers confidence in their measurements at an affordable price. Whenever we have had supply chain reviews Metspec have consistently come out as first choice for Meteorological screens.


Jackson Williams

Dawn Murray
MetOcean Account Manager, Nessco

Having worked with Metspec for a number of years we would recommend the use of their Met range Stevenson screens. We use the MET02 screen regularly and find them to be of excellent quality, flexible design and robust enough for the harsh offshore marine environment.